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The Ethos Love Egg

Relationship Enhancer

You can use the Ethos Love Egg to automatically develop your awareness of, and ability to attract heart-centred relationships into your life.

Works quietly and steadily... forever

enjoy the difference now...

How to use your Love Eggs

 Attune your Love Egg Transmitter to your energy body 

If you have an Love Egg Transmitter - the clear quartz donut - touch it flat to the topmost part of your head for about 5 seconds, making sure your finger isn't over the Transmitter's central hole. This connects the Transmitter to three channels of energy that run between the top and bottom of your energy field. This connection enables the Love Egg's protection to extend to your whole energy body all the time, no matter how far away you are from the Love Egg, when it's placed vertically on the Transmitter.

Your Love Egg transmitter is attuned to you permanently - unless it's touched to the top of someone else's head. The transmitter only transmits the Energy Egg signal. Placing anything else on it has no effect.

How to use the Ethos Love Egg 

To receive the partnership ki-generating effects of the Ethos Love Egg, it must either be kept within 1 cm of your body -in a pocket or pouch - or stood on a base transmitter attuned to your personal energy field. 

Strengthening and weakening relationships 

Any form of relationship between you and someone else reflects an energetic interaction between your energy bodies. For example, a close relationship with a friend reflects the presence of a resonance or harmonic vibration between points at the bottom of each of your sternums (4th chakra resonance). Equally, a good working relationship with someone reflects a resonance between points at your throats (5th chakra resonance).                                               

One way of classifying the energetics of relationships is in terms of your "strengthening" and "weakening" relationships. A strengthening relationship is one in which a resonance exists between the same two chakras. Thus, in the case of an effective teacher-student relationship, A resonance between you and something or someone causes some of

the energy of the resonant chakra to enter your field of awareness - an energy centre at your face and around the top of your head. In other words, a strengthening relationship always increases the awareness of its participants. 

A weakening relationship has the opposite effect: it's an energetic interaction between two different chakras and it causes energy to fall from your field of awareness. So you become less aware as a result of that relationship. For example, if two people have a sexual relationship that, unknown to them, includes a connection between their 2nd and 4th chakras, they will develop a co-dependence that causes them to keep wanting the other to behave in ways that don't reflect the other's truth. So unhappiness will arise as each partner inevitably fails to live up to the other's wishes or expectations.                            

When damaged in some way, each chakra in your energy body expresses its malfunction in the form of certain felt stresses that correspond to the area of the chakra that's being damaged. For example, the stresses of the right and left energy channels in the spinal cord, where they run through the 4th chakra, are experienced as sorrow and illusory needs (wanting things you don't really need), respectively.                            

Apart from generating stresses in your life, weakening relationships also cause unfortunate experiences. They can damage your health ki, wealth ki, creativity ki, partnership ki and so on in ways that correspond to the development of problems in those areas of your life.  

Strengthening relationships generate more fortunes 

Your energy body is constantly trying to minimise the damage caused by your weakening relationships by bringing more awareness energy into the chakras being affected by such relationships. The more aware you are, the more you can perceive how you need to change some or all of your actions with respect to that relationship. But because we, unwittingly, tend to form so many or such powerfully weakening relationships with others, we usually end up with very little available awareness energy. So our self-awareness and our awareness of others is usually not terribly strong...

When you have an intimate relationship with another person your energy body forms multiple connections with their's. Some of these connections will, hopefully, be strengthening while others will be weakening. The more strengthening connections you have, the more you will experience your relationship as being fortunate because it will

increase one or more of your fortune ki's - the fortune ki's are five energies that underlie your wisdom, inner strength, happiness, success and awareness. The more weakening connections you have, the more your energy body will attract the misfortune ki's - confusion, harm (including illness), fatigue, failure and/or ignorance (i.e. lack of awareness). 

Even though the names of the fortunes refer to common experiences they also describe the specific forms of energy that cause these experiences. So, for example, a weakening connection that damages a certain chakra in your chest will directly damage your happiness ki. In other words, it will cause you to experience your life as being duller, greyer, less fulfilling - regardless of how many good reasons (e.g. lots of money, nice possessions, a good job, etc.) you may have for being happy.                                               

So, as you can see, the impact of your relationships on your life [energies] is enormous. But since we are largely unaware of how our energies are being affected by others, we can barely discern most of the current consequences of our relationships let alone how they will affect us and our lives in the future... 

Heart chakra relationships with lovers  

When people have an intimate relationship it inevitably generates its own challenges in their lives. The energies exchanged through having sex enter various chakras where they start generating fortunes or misfortunes depending on whether they have been received through a strengthening or weakening connection. If it's a weakening connection, the consequent misfortunes can only be resolved if there's also a heart chakra resonance to provide the energy needed to transform the issues that appear in your life into greater awareness. 

This is why an intimate relationship needs to include a heart chakra resonance. If it doesn't, issues will appear in the relationship that cannot be resolved. The energy essential to resolution of problems and positive transformation simply isn't there... 

The Ethos Love Egg 

You can use the Ethos Love Egg to automatically develop your awareness of, and ability to attract heart-centred relationships into your life.

A heart relationship between lovers includes an essential flow of partnership ki between their 2nd chakras and their heart chakras. The new Ethos Love Egg has been designed to steadily build-up this particular flow of energy, or bioenergetic circuit, in your body. The more partnership ki flows through this circuit, the more you become capable of attracting and recognising someone with whom you can form a heart relationship. Like the acclaimed Ethos Energy Egg and the Ethos Wealth Egg, the Ethos Love Egg functions fully automatically as long as it's within 1cm of your body or on an Energy Egg base transmitter. This causes it to bring more partnership ki into your body then channel it to the bioenergetic circuit that generates a heart relationship once sufficient partnership ki is flowing through this circuit. 

Creating heart relationships 

It's very easy to confuse romance or sexual attraction with a heart relationship. It's only natural to believe that if a relationship feels good it must be good. Unfortunately, how you feel about someone may have very little to do with whether or not there's a resonance between your heart chakras. Positive feelings can arise through all kinds of energetic connections, both strengthening and weakening. But the only connection that empowers you to steadily grow beyond your misfortune-generating self-limitations is a heart relationship. Many people are prepared to settle for something less. They are satisfied to go for money, status, looks, intelligence, education or other qualities that may make others more desirable to them, or good sex, companionship or security. But for those who wish for a higher-quality relationship that can steadily grow in depth over the years, only a heart relationship will do. If you wish for this quality of relationship in your life, an Ethos Love Egg is potentially an invaluable friend. 

Love energy cultivation 

You can accelerate the Ethos Love Egg's effect on your energy by practising a simple routine each morning and evening after getting up and just before going to bed: With your eyes closed, inhale through your nose as you tap your Ethos Love Egg three times on the topmost point of your head (the crown chakra). Then open your eyes and, holding your Ethos Love Egg in front of your mouth, exhale through your mouth then do three weaving breaths on your Ethos Love Egg whilst looking at it.  A weaving breath is: inhale though your nose then exhale through your mouth.


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