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The Ethos Energy Eggs

Customer Testimonials

"On Tuesday evening I sat and watched television for about 1 hour - the first time for weeks - no problem. It was great. On Wednesday evening, I forgot my Energy Egg. After about 10 mins, I had to go out of the room - the sweat was pouring from me. So, from now on, I'll be carrying it in my pocket. Feeling great now - a million thanks again." - Margaret T, Wales

"I can feel my head clearing - it's like a fog lifting after all these years" - Daria P, UK

"The Energy Egg is so powerful - I definitely felt a jump in my energy when I received it. Since then, my bronchial condition has been so much better, I'm sleeping better and my joint pain is better. These Energy Eggs are incredible!" - Louise L., Boulder, CO , USA

"I've felt a tremendous benefit and am feeling really good. I'm not reacting stressfully to difficult situations and my writing has tremendously improved. My doctor says I'm looking great, my energy is great and I feel so much lighter!" - Maggie B, London

"Thank you so much for your loving and expert support. When I held the Energy Egg on my sternum I felt hooked up to a vital fuel tank and soon felt energized and relaxed . . . The Energy Eggs are brilliant!!!" -  Jill Q, Washington, USA

"Congrats on the Energy Egg. It's a winner! I have been much better since receiving it and have been able to ditch both the medicine injections and the Celebrex" - Rob T, Australia

"I cannot think what it was like now I have no asthma; it is wonderful: no medication whatsoever . . . after 22yrs [on Ventolin], to feel like this is great." - Margaret T, UK

"I have much more energy at home after a day working in a busy dental practice. I really noticed this after forgetting my Energy Egg on a few separate days. I was much more tired, even though I slept well" - Toby R, UK

"I've noticed that since I've been using my Energy Egg, I haven't missed a day of exercises - it seems to have eliminated the [foreign] energy that was reducing my resolve to do them before." - Roger M., UK

"I misplaced my Energy Egg . . . and had a pretty miserable week. However, after a dream / vision on Friday night, I saw where the E-Egg was and found it in the morning. How fantastic is that! I now feel so much better. I also view this as a lesson in how beneficial the Energy Egg is." - Mark C., UK

"Another positive effect of the Energy Egg has been much, much better sleep" - GL, Iceland

"My doctor says I'm looking great! thank you so much for the Energy Egg." - Maggie B UK


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