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The Ethos Wealth Egg

Cultivating your wealth ki

Even though we are all aware of obvious means of generating more wealth in our lives - learn a better-paid skill, work more, get a better job and so on - another way of changing an area of your life for the better is to directly cultivate the energy upon which that area of your life depends. In other words, increase the advance of its underlying form(s) of ki.

The Ethos Wealth Egg is tuned to strengthen your wealth ki (3rd and 6th chakras). This helps correct any lack of focus on making money and increases your awareness of the choices that lead to greater wealth.

Experience the difference now...

How to use your Ethos Wealth Egg'

 Attune your Wealth Egg base transmitter to your energy body

If you have an Wealth Egg base transmitter - the clear quartz donut - touch it flat to the topmost part of your head for about 5 seconds, making sure your finger isn't over the transmitter's central hole. This connects the Transmitter to three channels of energy that run between the top and bottom of your energy field. This connection enables the Energy Egg's protection to extend to your whole energy body all of the time, no matter how far away you are from the transmitter.

Your Wealth Egg transmitter is attuned to you permanently - unless it's touched to the top of someone else's head. The transmitter only transmits the Energy Egg signal. Placing anything else on it has no effect.

Cultivating your wealth ki

Every human ability is characterised by the flowing forward or advance of a certain form of life energy from one or more areas of your body. For example, when you learn how to speak, a form of ki starts advancing from the right side of your 5th chakra - an energy centre at the hollow of your throat that controls verbal communication. When you learn how to write, the same form of ki starts advancing from the left side of your 5th chakra. How far each of these energies advances determines how well you are able to speak or write. 

Even though we are all aware of obvious means of generating more wealth in our lives - learn a better-paid skill, work more, get a better job and so on - another way of changing an area of your life for the better is to directly cultivate the energy upon which that area of your

life depends. In other words, increase the advance of its underlying form(s) of ki. 

Even though many people have similar knowledge and skills their ability to derive wealth from their knowledge and skills varies tremendously. Some might say it's a matter of 'luck,' a greater interest in making money, a more-winning personality or any other common explanation for someone's greater financial success. But another way of looking at it is that all such reasons for increased wealth in a person's life reflect the presence of more of an energy called wealth ki in their body. In other words, 'luck,' fiscal acumen or a wealth-attracting personality or appearance result from wealth ki, either advancing from, or being present in, (in the case of a wealth-attracting appearance) certain areas of the body. 

The Ethos Wealth Egg 

Another means of cultivating your wealth ki is with an Ethos Wealth Egg which, initially, starts advancing your wealth ki from your navel and forehead chakras and, later, from other chakras. 

The Wealth Egg first starts increasing your receptivity to wealth ki at your crown - this form of ki, as well as those governing your health, relationships, learning ability, etc. is received by your crown. The increased wealth ki then flows to your navel (3rd) and forehead (6th) chakras from where it starts to advance. 

Advancing wealth ki from the 3rd and 6th chakras is synchronised by the Wealth Egg. Every Wealth Egg causes a balanced advance of a form of ki from a lower and a high chakra because this both prevents and corrects imbalances in the corresponding areas of your life. So, in the case of wealth, it prevents or corrects the two extremes of a lack of focus or an obsession with making money. 

When a form of ki starts advancing from a chakra its effects on you or your life depend on the nature of that chakra. So when, for example, the Wealth Egg starts advancing wealth ki from your 3rd and 6th chakras, it starts strengthening your awareness of the choices that lead to greater wealth. This can be a very subtle process - much of the time, you won't necessarily have any idea how some of the choices you are making are leading to a wealthier future. But each such choice is one step in a series of choices whose wealth energy-cultivating nature is eventually reflected by improved financial circumstances.

Eliminating obstructive karmas


Each person's capacity for wealth - ie. how much wealth ki  you can hold - is delimited by foreign energies in your body that block the flow of wealth ki . A 'foreign energy' is energy you have picked up from someone or somewhere that has then displaced some of your own life energy. If the displaced energy is your wealth ki in, say, your throat, your ability to communicate in ways that lead to greater wealth will be impaired.

The Wealth Egg is designed to steadily eliminate wealth-obstructing foreign energies. But as long as a foreign energy persists in an area of your body it will continue to influence your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, choices or experiences in ways that reduce your ability to generate more wealth.

The Wealth Egg's elimination of such wealth karmas can be accelerated with the help of a simple practice: 

Three taps & three blows for increasing wealth-cultivating choices 

Each morning, tap one end of your Wealth Egg on the centre of your forehead three times then the centre of your forehead three times, with your eyes closed, then do three weaving breaths on your Energy Egg while looking at it. 

A 'weaving breath' is an in-breath through your nose then an out-breath through your mouth. Each time you do the three taps and three blows your Wealth Egg's ability to eliminate wealth-obstructing stresses will become stronger. This technique should be practised from one to three times daily. 

'Less than two hours after receiving the Wealth Egg, and after less than two hours of door knocking, I discovered *exactly* the type of job I had been searching for - to the exact specifications and hours etc. And they insisted I start right that very second!' - Anson Friend, Melbourne, Australia     

The Wealth Angel and Wealth archangel 

The Wealth Angel and Wealth Archangel emit the same ki-advancing energy as a Wealth Egg but their field fills an entire building rather than strengthening only one person's wealth ki. Wealth Angels and Archangels are ideal for offices or any environment where money is being made. Just as for the Guardian Angel Environmental Stress Eliminator, the Wealth Angels include an advanced manna field that amplifies the effect of a connected Wealth Egg. A Wealth Egg can be connected to a Wealth Angel or Archangel simply by lightly tapping one of its ends once on top of the Angel or Archangel. 

Developing your whole body wealth energy 

Once your Wealth Egg has helped you make sufficient, balanced, wealth-cultivating choices it starts causing your wealth ki to advance from other chakras. So, for example, if the next chakra where you need to advance your wealth ki is at your perineum (1st chakra), you will start experiencing more people helping you in ways that increase your wealth. But, on the other hand, if the wealth ki in your solar plexus (4th) chakra starts advancing, you will discover a previously unrecognised ability in yourself that leads to greater wealth. 

Each person's wealth ki increases in different ways according to their personal needs for more wealth - though without receiving more foreign energies of one kind or another and consequently creating more problems for themselves. But the Wealth Egg process starts the same way for everyone - gently guiding you to make the choices that lead to greater wealth while preventing or correcting imbalances in your life that obstruct a balanced relationship with wealth in the future. 

Remember that your Wealth Egg should be kept in your pocket or on its transmitter base and, ideally, you should perform the three taps and three weaving breaths at least once each and every day for best results. 

'Since having the green Wealth Egg I've won '50 on the Premium Bonds after having nothing for many, many years. And also, when my mother moves to the nursing home, the social worker has arranged that this time I don't have to make any financial contribution, whereas previously my personal financial contribution towards her care in the residential home was substantial.' - Stephen W, Shropshire, UK


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